As a result of increased legalization and access to cannabis, it is increasingly used for sleep. An online survey assessed how cannabis use in various concentrations affects sleep and daytime sleepiness/alertness. The survey involved a cross-sectional anonymous online survey of adults age 18 or older who used cannabis in the past 24 hours for sleep.

Of 571 participants, 67% reported using cannabis for insomnia with the remaining reporting cannabis user for sleep disturbances related to pain (16%), anxiety (11%) or pain and anxiety (6%). The results of this survey indicated that improved daytime alertness is associated with greater THC percentages in cannabis products used within the prior 24-hours. Increased THC percentage and decreased time between consumption and bedtime were also indicators of improved sleep quality.

The researchers conclude that these findings support previous indications that cannabis can improve sleep quality and daytime alertness in people using cannabis for that purpose, and suggests that increased THC percentage in cannabis results in greater decreases in sleepiness the following day.