CBT-I Clinical Training Manual and Webinar


Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder. It affects 15-33% of the population with even higher prevalence rates in the elderly and clinical populations. CBT-I improves sleep in 70-80% of patients, is more effective than sleeping pills and reduces or eliminates sleeping pills in the vast majority of patients, and doubles the improvement rates of depression compared to antidepressant medication alone in depressed patients with insomnia. It also improves other co-morbidities including pain and fibromyalgia, substance abuse, and PTSD.

CBT-I is now considered the first-line treatment for chronic insomnia due to its superior long-term efficacy, lack of side effects, and patient preference compared to sedative-hypnotics, which are associated with significant side effects and risks. These include impaired daytime alertness, driving, memory, and cognition; dependency and addiction; overdose and suicide risk because they are often used in combination with opioids or alcohol; traumatic brain injury, falls and fractures, and emergency room visits; and, elevated mortality risk in almost three dozen studies. However, there is a dire shortage of clinicians and sleep clinics with expertise in CBT-I due to a scarcity of training opportunities in this area.

For all clinicians and professionals who see clients or patients and wish to develop expertise in CBT-I, Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs,  a behavioral sleep medicine specialist and CBT-I expert, offers a CBT-I clinical training manual and a two hour webinar that accompanies the manual. This is the only CBT-I manual and webinar currently available that provides a state-of-the-art, empirically validated CBT-I five session protocol.

Clinicians who purchase the manual and webinar and who are accepting patients will be listed on Dr. Jacobs’s website ( as a resource for patients seeking CBT-I therapists after passing a 25 question posttest exam. His website is one of the top websites in search engines for patients searching for CBT-I. Clinicians will also receive a frameable certificate showing they have been certified as a CBT-I clinician, have  completed Dr. Jacobs’s CBT-I training manual and webinar, and have demonstrated proficiency in his CBT-I program that was developed and tested at Harvard Medical School. CE credits are NOT available for the manual and webinar.

The CBT-I Clinical Training Manual and Webinar enables clinicians and other professionals to develop competence in CBT-I using an empirically and clinically validated CBT-I protocol. It is based on over 30 years of clinical practice at Harvard Medical School and the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center by Dr. Jacobs involving over 10,000 insomnia patients. The manual and webinar are also based on extensive empirical research on CBT-I, including a landmark federally-funded study conducted at Harvard Medical School by Dr. Jacobs and colleagues demonstrating that the same CBT protocol described in the CBT-I manual and webinar was more effective than Ambien ((Jacobs, GD, et al. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Pharmacotherapy for Insomnia: a Randomized Controlled Trial and Direct Comparison. Archives of Internal Medicine, 2004, 164: 1888-96)

The CBT-I clinical training manual is a detailed, 180 page PDF manual that is updated annually and is intended for all clinicians and professionals who see clients or patients and wish to develop expertise in CBT-I. It contains modules on:


  • Sleep and insomnia: basic concepts
  • Sleep medications
  • Assessment of insomnia patients
  • Theory and rationale for the CBT-I techniques used to treat insomnia including cognitive restructuring, sleep scheduling, stimulus control, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and medication tapering techniques
  • Step-by-step 5 session treatment manuals for groups and individuals
  • Fees and billing information
  • Potential clinical issues

The CBT-I manual also includes all program materials (relaxation techniques MP3, sleep diaries, progress summaries, and brochures) and extensive focus articles. It is available for solo clinicians, sleep clinics and group practices, and institutions.

The CBT-I manual and webinar are delivered electronically at purchase.

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