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CBT-I Training Manual for Insomnia – Solo Clinicians




CBT-I Training Manual for Insomnia (Ordering information)

The cost of Dr. Jacobs’s CBT-I webinar and 180 page clinical training manual is: $195 for solo clinicians, $295 for solo clinicians associated with a sleep clinic, sleep clinics, or group practices (maximum of two clinicians can use the manual/webinar), $395 for institutions (university, hospital, medical school with a maximum of three clinicians that can use the manual/webinar).

This manual contains theory and rationale for the CBT techniques used to treat insomnia; detailed session-by-session treatment manuals for both group and individual treatment; extensive section focus articles, and program materials. The two-and-a-half hour webinar that accompanies the CBT-I manual reviews the most important concepts covered in the manual.

The manual and webinar contain all the information needed to begin evaluating and treating insomnia patients using an empirically validated CBT-I protocol that has been tested extensively in Dr. Jacobs’s work with over 10,000 insomnia patients at the Sleep Disorders Centers at Harvard Medical School and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center as well as his National Institute of Health funded research that was published in Archives of Internal Medicine.


Chapter 1: Introduction and Background to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia
Chapter 2: Sleep and Insomnia: Basic Concepts
Chapter 3: Sleep Medications
Chapter 4: Assessment of the Insomnia Patient
Chapter 5: Theory and Rationale for the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Techniques Used for Insomnia
Chapter 6: Sleep Diaries, Progress Summaries, and Say Good Night to Insomnia
Chapter 7: Fees, Billing, Program Materials, and Marketing
Chapter 8: Potential Clinical Issues
Chapter 9: Step-by-Step Session Content for a Five-Session Group CBT Program for Insomnia
Chapter 10: Step-by-Step Session Content for a Five-Session Individual CBT Program for Insomnia